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Breastfeeding Services

Breast Pumps and Supplies

For information on purchasing products or breastpump rentals or insurance coverage call Beaumont Hospital - Farmington Hills Breastfeeding Services at 248-471-8471.

Breastpump Purchase

Medela® Pump
In Style® Advanced

Ameda Purely Your®
Breastpump with Carry All

Medela Pump Breastpump with Carry All     

Breastpump Rental

Medela® Symphony®

Medela Symphony      

Breastpump Attachment kits

Medela® Symphony®
Double Pumping System

Medela® Lactina®
Double Pumping System

Ameda Dual Hygieni Kit Collection System

Double Pumping System Double Pumping System Lactina Dual Hygieni Kit Collection System  

Breastfeed Accessories

Medela® Vehicle Adapter

Medela® SoftFit™ Breastshields

Medela® Nipple Shields

Vehicle Adapter Breastshields Nipple Shields  

Tender Care Lanolin

Medela® Supplemental Nursing System™

Medela® Starter SNS™

Medela® Quick Clean™ Micro-Steam™ Bags

Tender Care Lanolin Supplemental Nursing System Medela Starter SNA Quick Clean Micro-Stream Bags

Medela® Quick
Clean™ Wipes

Pump & Save™ Bags

Medela® TenderCare™ Hydrogel Pads

Medela® Special Needs™ Feeder

Quick Clean Wipes

Pump and Save Bags

TenderCare Hydrogel Pads Special Needs Feeder