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Can you get cancer from mammogram radiation?

To answer this important question, we went to one of our experts: Dr. Andrew Mizzi, an experienced Radiologist who reads and interprets mammogram images at the Botsford Breast Center. Continue reading

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Botsford Staffers Benefit from Healthy Competition

Everyone was a winner, but one doctor came out on top. Find out what the team’s key to success was. Continue reading

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Heart Health Chat Recap: Ask a cardiac nurse

Did you miss our live chat with a cardiac nurse? Here’s a rundown of all the questions and answers. Continue reading

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Recipe: Strawberry & Banana Protein Shake

Botsford mammography coordinator Laura Caruso shares her recipe for a fast, healthy and delicious protein shake. Continue reading

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Another Successful Cancer Screening Event!

More lives may have been saved at our most recent head and neck cancer screening event! Continue reading

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Breast surgeon’s secret weapon against cancer isn’t a scalpel — it’s a nurse navigator

Nurse navigators advocate for breast cancer patients by making sure they know about all the resources available to them. Continue reading

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How to lend a helping hand to someone diagnosed with cancer

Fighting cancer is best done with a support system. But when a loved one is first diagnosed we’re often not sure how to help. Find out what you can do from someone who’s been there. Continue reading

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Behind the Scenes: Security at Botsford Hospital

Meet the man who keeps us all safe and sound at Botsford Hospital, plus get his 5 tips for ensuring your own personal safety anywhere you go. Continue reading

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The Young Heart Attack Trend: What’s causing it and how to avoid it yourself

Heather Glover, nurse manager of Cardiopulmonary Services, warns of a scary trend and explains how we can avoid being a part of it. Continue reading

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8 Tips for Smart Snacking

If you find yourself unsatisfied and craving more after your snacks, you’re probably not doing it right. Our registered dietitians explain. Continue reading

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