Nurse’s Generosity Swayed Patient to Take Lifesaving Medication


Lori Mesko, RN

I want to share a special story about Lori Mesko, RN, who works on Botsford Hospital’s 2 South Progressive Care Unit. Sometimes nurses don’t get recognized for all they do. I want to make sure Lori does, because she gave very special care to my mom, who has been having a very rough time recently.

Mom’s potassium level was dangerously high, which, if untreated, could have caused her heart to stop beating. The physician prescribed a huge glass of medicine for Mom to drink. But, she just did not want to take any nourishment just then. Lori needed to find a way to convince Mom to accept the treatment. She started by giving a lot of encouragement to Mom. Just then, I noticed Lori’s beautiful bracelet. She said her friend had made it for her. Mom admired the lovely bracelet too.

With a twinkle in her eye, Lori made a deal with Mom. She could have the bracelet only if she would drink the whole glass of medicine. Mom’s face lit up, and she took that glass and downed the whole thing.

Botsford Hospital Patient Stories - Daughter and mother, Peggy Fisher-Kmieciak and Margy Fisher

Daughter and mother, Peggy Fisher-Kmieciak and Margy Fisher

Lori rewarded Mom by placing the bracelet on Mom’s wrist, which lifted her spirits for the rest of the day. And, she wore the bracelet the whole time she was in the hospital.

When I told the other nurses at the 2 South nurses’ station, they all agreed that they sometimes will do anything to get their patients to comply with needed treatment. I know Lori sure did.

After Mom was discharged from the hospital, she became a new resident at the Botsford Commons Continuing Care Center. I drove over to the hospital to return the beautiful piece of jewelry to Lori. She urged me to keep it. Mom doesn’t really need jewelry in the nursing home. Even so, Lori wanted me to keep the bracelet for myself. In the end, I insisted Lori keep the bracelet. Each time she wears it, she’ll remember what she did to help a frail, elderly patient to accept treatment.

Our family is so grateful to have had this kind, generous woman as our mother’s nurse.

— From Peggy Fisher-Kmieciak, Marjorie Fisher’s daughter


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