One Day, Many Lives Forever Changed For The Better in Botsford’s ER

One Day, Many Lives Forever Changed in Botsford's ER

Mom and baby, Adrienne and Cameron Herrick, returned to Botsford's ER 11 days later to thank everyone.

This true story tells how an amazing team of physicians and nurses who work in Botsford Hospitals’ Emergency and Trauma Center saved a five-month old baby boy from certain death. While at daycare, Cameron Herrick of Redford swallowed his whole pacifier, which blocked his airway.

Caution: Graphic details have been included, describing the necessary medical procedures performed on this tiny patient.

“It was the scariest case in my 10 years of practicing!” said Dr. Angel Chudler, who led the ER team to save Cameron.

Zachary Baselle, D.O., emergency medicine physician, shared his riveting account of Cameron’s lifesaving treatment at Botsford: “I’m glad that Cameron’s mom wants to share her great story! When her baby was brought to the Botsford Hospital Emergency & Trauma Center on August 12, 2013, here’s what happened:

Dr. Angel Chudler

Dr. Angel Chudler

“Livonia paramedics Mike Bailey and David Dilemia did an excellent job in pre-hospital care management. They were met at Botsford’s ambulance entrance by attending emergency medicine physician Dr. Angel Chudler and emergency medicine resident Dr. Holly Hughes. The doctors performed lifesaving measures, trying to remove the pacifier from the baby’s airway. I did a needle cricothyrotomy on Cameron to allow him to receive oxygen around the pacifier obstructing his airway. Dr. Hughes, who also happens to be my wife, assisted me by holding Cameron’s trachea appropriately.

Michael Ferguson, RN, was the lead nurse on this case. Also involved in Cameron’s care were Corinna Azar, RN, and Megan Stockert, RN. Emergency medicine resident Dr. Jennifer Liu performed an intraosseous IV in the baby’s leg bone to allow immediate access to his vascular system. Attending anesthesiologist Dr. Bud Larson assisted in ventilating Cameron in the ER and attempted to remove the pacifier.

Dr. Zach Baselle

Dr. Zach Baselle

“We moved Cameron up to the operating room, where Dr. Warren Brandes, an ear, nose, and throat surgeon, assisted by ENT resident Dr. Andrea Spellman and Dr. Chudler, removed the pacifier bit by bit as it was lodged tightly in the baby’s throat. I again assisted with airway management for Cameron while we were in the OR. After the pacifier was removed, attending anesthesiologist Dr. Michael Neumann did a tracheal intubation—placing a flexible plastic tube into the windpipe to maintain an open airway—on the baby. I’m sure other people were involved in helping Cameron; however, these are the people I remember from that scary time. By the way, I had just finished my residency two weeks before and had begun working at Botsford as an attending ER doc.”

Adrienne Herrick, Cameron’s mom, adds:

“My precious baby was saved by the wonderful, caring people at Botsford. I can hardly find the right words to express my gratitude to them for knowing exactly what to do for him. I decided that writing a letter wasn’t going to do it, so Cameron and I paid a visit to Botsford’s ER to express our gratitude in person. It turned out that the doctors and nurses were thrilled to see Cameron and me. A great, big THANK YOU to you all! For everything. I mean it.”


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