ER Physician’s Hot-Weather Hydration Advice

We have seen a moderate uptick in visits for heat-related causes at Botsford Hospital’s Emergency & Trauma Center. Mostly it’s been for dehydration with relatively mild symptoms, including headaches.

On these blistering hot days, please heed the advice of Jacklyn McParlane, D.O., Botsford’s vice chair of emergency Medicine and Emergency Medicine residency program director.

Dr. McParlane says that people seem to be having a hard time keeping up with the amount of fluids they need to drink in this hot weather. On a normal temperature day, people should be taking in eight 8-oz. glasses of water. On these high heat days, and especially if you’re working or playing outside, people may need to double their water intake. She’s encountered patients who have a difficult time knowing how much water to drink to stay hydrated.

Dr. McParlane also suggests that parents closely monitor kids playing outdoors. Have them stop to drink fluids every 20 minutes. Bring kids in during the hottest part of the day for indoor activities, such as screen time, or take them to the movies where it’s air conditioned.

Finally, Dr. McParlane suggests that all people, including kids, get into the habit of carrying a water bottle with them, so that they can drink from it.

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