Telehealth: A program to trust

Kim Kleinlein and her daughter, Elizabeth, are thankful to have Kim’s parents, Diana and Don Luke, living close and enjoying good health again.

Kim Kleinlein, R.N, an experienced nurse, was on her way out of the country for a long-anticipated vacation. Her mother, Diana Luke, was about to be released after a long hospital stay. Kleinlein knew her mom and dad were nervous about the transition home. After all, her mother had been very ill with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), which leads to a new diagnosis of chronic heart failure, and diabetes, two diseases which require daily monitoring.

Kleinlein had already moved her mother to Botsford during her hospitalization because she knew she would get the coordinated care she needed there. Now Kleinlein helped get her mother enrolled in a new Telehealth program offered through a partnership between Botsford Hospital and Residential Home Health (RHH). This partnership aims to avoid unnecessary hospital readmissions by staying on top of the daily measures necessary for maintaining health. “This program was an easy choice,” says Kleinlein. “I was already familiar with the staff and processes. I was impressed with their professionalism and the way they dealt with each patient as an individual.”

Residential installed monitoring equipment in Kleinlein’s parents’ home and trained her mom to use it. That meant someone was paying attention to her mother’s vital signs at all times. “Not only did this oversight force my mom to stay on track and not cheat,” says Kleinlein. “It also showed her the outcomes and successes of sticking with her care plan.”

In a sense, Residential acted as a surrogate for Kleinlein while she was out of the country.  “They provided fantastic support,” she says. “They allowed her to heal at home and me to enjoy my vacation.”

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