How to get a flu shot without the sore arm

How to get a flu shot without the sore armEvery fall, thousands of Botsford Hospital employees make it a point to pay Tina Marinucci, RN a visit.  That’s because Tina is a nurse in the Employee Health department and part of her job is to give us all our annual flu shots.

Flu shots are important to us at Botsford not just because it helps to keep us all healthy, but it helps keep our patients safe too.  So when it comes to this time of year, we’re all usually pretty happy to visit Tina.

Usually the worst part of getting any shot, flu vaccine included, is the initial poke and resulting soreness.  The soreness that can follow a flu shot may feel like you received a hard punch in the arm.  But most of us at Botsford don’t really mind Tina’s flu shots, because she has a technique that keeps soreness to a minimum.

Next time you need a flu vaccine or other shot in the arm, remember Tina’s tip:

While sitting, place your hand flat on your upper leg and let your shoulder hang low.  Keep your shoulder very relaxed, letting it hang back and low until the shot is administered.  Keeping your shoulder so relaxed may feel a little unnatural especially if you’re tense but it works.  I hardly felt a thing from the shot and days later my shoulder was never sore unless I pressed on it.

It’s not too late to get your flu shot.  Flu season in the United States is October through May and usually peaks in February so if you haven’t already, there’s still good reason to get your flu shot now.

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