4 Health Benefits of Grilling

Grilling has its health benefitsFire up the grill!  Not only is it summertime, but there are some healthy reasons why you should add grilling to your dinner menu.

Botsford registered dietician Annie House, RD, CDE provides these 4 health benefits of grilling your food:

  1. Excess fats drip off meats and cook away leaving less fat in the food itself
  2. Vegetables retain more vitamins and minerals
  3. The high heat from the grill seals in moisture and keeps food tender so there’s no need to add oil or butter in the cooking process and you’re less likely to add more sauces or other condiments – thereby reducing calories
  4. Meats retain more riboflavin and thiamine which are essential vitamins

These are great reasons to start grilling this summer and add some healthy eating habits.  Besides, who wants to spend the summer cooking in a hot kitchen?

Keep in mind though, not everything is healthy just because it was cooked on the grill.  And adding unnecessary toppings like butter, sour cream or sauces just adds calories and fat.

A great way to learn which foods are best suited for healthy grilling and get some delicious recipes is to come to one of our healthy summer grilling cooking demonstrations at Busch’s Fresh Food Market in Farmington Hills or Livonia.  Busch’s Chef Rebecca Wauldron will demonstrate her delicious, yet healthy, summer-friendly grilling recipes and a Botsford dietician will be there to explain the foods’ health benefits.

Upcoming Healthy Summer Grilling Cooking Demonstrations:

Your $10 ticket to this healthy grilling cooking demonstration includes recipes, samples, cooking tips, a $10 Busch’s coupon and more.

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