Top challenges to living with diabetes

Top challenges to living with diabetes

Blood sugar testing and remembering to test blood sugar is one of the top challenges to living with diabetes, according to Botsford patients.

Botsford registered dietician and certified diabetes educator Annie House talks to a lot of people with diabetes.  Her goal is to help those newly diagnosed with diabetes understand the disease and manage it so they can prevent complications and lead a healthy and active lifestyle despite their new challenge.

Some of the biggest challenges Annie’s diabetes patients say they face are:

  1. Having to think about what I’m eating
  2. Finding diabetes appropriate foods in the grocery store (if this is your challenge, see our upcoming workshops in June and July)
  3. Planning ahead for meals
  4. Testing my blood sugar or remembering to test my blood sugar
  5. Making time to be physically active
  6. What to choose when I’m eating at a restaurant

Unfortunately, people with diabetes who aren’t able to overcome these challenges may not be able to effectively manage the condition which could then lead to complications such as eye problems, numbness in the feet and even deadly complications like stroke.

If you have diabetes, it is important to get educated and continue asking questions of your healthcare provider until you’re comfortable and fully understand how to manage it.  If possible, seek the counseling of a diabetes educator, visit reputable online resources like the American Diabetes Association website and seek out educational events that are often hosted by hospitals or insurance providers.  Botsford Hospital in partnership with Busch’s Fresh Food Market is hosting such diabetes educational events this summer.

At our free Diabetes Nutritional Workshops in June and July you’ll get a chance to

Botsford's Annie House, RD, CDE (left) and Busch's chef Rebecca Wauldron are teaming up to make it easier for people with diabetes find healthy foods.

meet Annie as she talks about how to be an “informed consumer.”  She’ll show you how to determine whether a food is healthy and fits well into a diabetes meal plan or whether it just looks healthy because of its packaging or how it’s named.  Together, you’ll also practice doing some basic product comparisons to help determine which options are healthier choices.

We hope you’ll attend one of these upcoming free workshops:

Nutrition Workshop – Diabetic friendly Shopping

What are your biggest challenges to living with diabetes?  Share them in the comments below and we just might just address them in an upcoming blog post.

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