What’s a hospital really like? An intern’s experience

This is a first in a series of posts by Botsford’s new marketing intern, Kimberly Ivey. Kimberly will talk about what it’s like to work at Botsford as well as the lessons she learns along the way. Kimberly is a healthcare administration student at Central Michigan University.

Kimberly Ivey

Marketing Intern Kimberly Ivey shares her experience at Botsford Hospital to give you a sense of what it's really like within the walls of a hospital.

Most people find hospitals to be a scary place… a place that’s cold and full of tears. Not me, and definitely not Botsford. My name is Kimberly Ivey, Botsford’s new Marketing Intern, and before I started here last Monday I was nervous, scared, excited, basically any emotion that exists. I was nervous that I wasn’t going to fit in, scared that I would fail, but excited about the place that I would soon call my employer. And as an intern, I was worried that I would get treated like an intern and not like a team member. But since the day I started here at Botsford I have been welcomed with open arms by every single person I have come into contact with and have been treated like family.

I truly do believe that I could not have found a better internship even if I tried. I have already learned so much in the last two weeks that I can’t even begin to imagine what the next few months will have to offer. I have already been able to write news releases, attend several meetings, met Dr. LaCasse, the president of the hospital, a couple of times, and of course stuffed some envelopes too.

Yesterday, I pushed around a snack cart to everyone on the first floor and as awful as that may sound to some people, it was pretty amazing. I have never been greeted with so many smiles in my entire life. Everyone was in a good mood and genuinely seemed happy to be there. But by far the coolest thing I have experienced so far was to hear the sound of a baby’s first cry while working the snack cart in Labor and Delivery.

So when I look at a hospital I see the hope and warmth behind every single doctor’s, nurse’s, and even valet driver’s eyes. I don’t see a cold and scary place. I see a place of smiles, encouragement, and life.

Have you ever worked for, visited or been admitted to a hospital? How has your experience compared? Please share in the comments below.

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