Healthy Halloween Snack to Add Fun and Fiber to Your Diet

by Gina DeAngelis, RD, Botsford Hospital dietitian

Pizza Mummies, a healthy snack for Halloween

These Pizza Mummies are a healthy snack option for Halloween. Have fun and even add some fiber to your diet.

Looking for a healthy, kid-friendly snack to help you celebrate Halloween?  Try this recipe for Pizza Mummies.  These spooky appetizers will get everyone in the Halloween spirit.  They’re a healthy treat that even the kids can help make!

We like these Pizza Mummies because they include whole grains, which are a rich source of fiber.  Fiber has  many benefits including:

  • weight control
  • enhancing good digestion
  • reducing cholesterol levels
  • stabilizing blood sugar levels
  • decreasing the risk of colon cancer

The average American only gets half of the daily recommendation of 25 g of fiber. Half of your grains should come from whole grain sources. When looking for products that contain whole grains make sure that the first ingredient listed has the word “whole” in it, for example: “whole” wheat or “whole” grain. If the first ingredient says “refined wheat flour” this is not a whole grain product.

Enjoy and have a happy Halloween!

Pizza Mummies

·    Whole grain English muffins
·    Pizza sauce
·    Black olives
·    Green onions
·    Red or green pepper
·    Low fat cheese sticks or slices


1.    Heat oven to 350º F. Spread one tablespoon of pizza sauce on one half of an English muffin (you can toast the muffin if desired).

2.    Create the mummies eyes with two sliced olives and place either green onions or bits of red/green peppers for the pupils.

3.    Cut thin slices of cheese to be placed across the muffin to look like the mummy’s wrappings.

4.    Place muffins in oven to bake for about 10 minutes or until the cheese is melted and the muffin is toasted.


Serving size:  One Pizza Mummy
Calories:  153
Total fat:  6 g
Cholesterol:  15 mg
Sodium:  441 mg
Total Carbs:  14 g
Fiber:  2 g
Protein:  10 g

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