Career Day with Wayne RESA High School Students

Career Day at Botsford with Wayne RESA Students

Students from several area high schools spent the day with Botsford to learn about health careers.

What is it like to be an emergency room doctor? Or to run a hospital?  That’s what students from area high schools found out yesterday when they spent the day at Botsford Hospital.

Students from Redford, Dearborn Heights and Westland signed up for the special event so they could hear from doctors, administrators and clinicians what it’s really like in their world.

The room was packed and Botsford delivered with nearly 20 speakers, including Botsford president and CEO Dr. Paul LaCasse, vice president of human resources Barbara Palmer and emergency room doctor Jacklyn McParlane, D.O.

Each speaker talked about their career choice, job duties, their education and also gave inspiring insights into choosing the right career path.  Speakers also took a variety of great questions from the students, some of which were live-tweeted.  Here are a few highlights of the advice students received:

Barbara Palmer

If you want a career in health care, start with a goal - any goal - and set that goal early on. Barbara Palmer, VP of human resources.

Dr. Paul LaCasse

There are many different types of jobs in health care, from carpenters to doctors. But no matter what path you choose, your primary focus is on the patient. Dr. Paul LaCasse, president and CEO.

Dr. Jacklyn McParlane

When choosing a career, follow your dream, even if it means starting over. You have to do what you love, not just for you, but for your patients. Patients can tell when you love your job. Dr. Jacklyn McParlane, emergency room doctor.








A great way to get a head start, learn about how a hospital works and even learn about what type of job you might like is to volunteer at Botsford. If you’d like to learn about a career at Botsford visit our careers page.

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