Thanks for a Great Women’s Health Event

Attendees at Botsford's October Women's Health Event check out all the free swag.

We had a great Women’s Health Event last weekend!  We gave nearly 60 free breast and cervical cancer screenings to women from around the community.

Botsford Cancer Center oncologist Savitha Balaraman, M.D., was featured speaker for the event. She discussed detection, treatment and prevention of cancer of women’s reproductive systems and answered questions from the audience. Other Botsford services and community organizations provided information tables and explained their services to attendees.  And there were give-a ways! Generous donors and sponsors provided free items including makeup and jewelry and also an array of gift cards for electronics, food and salons.

The event was our kick-off to Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  Our theme: Early detection saves lives.  “Early detection remains our greatest challenge in the successful treatment of women’s cancers,” said Nicholle Mehr, director of the Botsford Cancer Center. “For patients who were found to have abnormalities, we were able to recommend immediate follow up by an appropriate specialist,” said Mehr.

Botsford holds several screening events throughout the year so if you missed this one, watch our Facebook page for future announcements.  We hope to see you at our next event!

Savitha Balaraman, M.D., oncologist

Savitha Balaraman, M.D., speaking about cancer prevention and treatment. She also answered questions from the group.

Botsford registered dietitians were on hand to answer questions and provide information about eating healthy to prevent cancer. Dietitians are always available to Botsford Cancer Center patients.

Nicholle Mehr (right), the director of the Botsford Cancer Center poses with Jenna Kator, a local handbag designer and one of the Women's Health Event sponsors.

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