You think you can beat this?!

Botsford's Free Press Marathon relay running team

Botsford's Free Press Marathon relay running team challenges other hospital teams to a friendly competition

I don’t usually follow marathons, but this year’s Free Press Marathon might actually be interesting.  That’s because Botsford Hospital’s relay team is very confident.  (Maybe a little too confident, by the looks of that photo.)  As a result, they’re challenging other local hospitals to try to beat them.

So far, no hospital team has accepted the challenge.  Although DMC reps indicated they already know the results and submitted the video below while they mull it over.  The color of that guy’s shorts looks awfully close to Botsford orange….we have another very confident bunch here!  (Are all runners this confident?  It must be all those endorphins.)

Anyway, I’m sure some of the big guys like Henry Ford Hospital, University of Michigan Health System, DMC or even Beaumont or Oakwood wouldn’t be afraid of a little hospital like Botsford, right?  I can’t wait to see what happens.

If your hospital relay team is up to the challenge, read more here and contact me @Botsford_Barb to get this started!

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