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Botsford News Release


Botsford Hospital Presents Free Education Event: Relief from Lumbar Spinal Stenosis

Farmington Hills, Mich. (June 11, 2009)---Peter Bono, D.O., an orthopedic spine surgeon at Botsford Hospital, is pleased to announce a free educational event for people suffering from the symptoms of lumbar spinal stenosis (LSS). 
Presentation Title: Need Relief from Lumbar Spinal Stenosis? 
Location: Botsford Hospital’s Administration Building, Community Room 
28050 Grand River Ave., Farmington Hills 
Date & Time: Wednesday, June 24 at 6:30 p.m. 
Contact: 877-477-DOC1 
This is an opportunity for patients with spinal stenosis to meet with an expert and learn more about the management and treatment of their disease. 
Lumbar spinal stenosis (LSS) may be the most common reason for back surgery in people over the age of 65 in the United States. 
LSS is a sometimes painful condition caused by a gradual narrowing of the spinal canal. This narrowing of the spinal canal can impinge and put pressure on the nerve roots and spinal cord, causing pain and discomfort. Patients with lumbar spinal stenosis, often notice pain in the buttocks or a “pins and needles” sensation in the thigh or leg that occurs when standing (extension) or walking. The discomfort is usually relieved by bending forward (flexion) or with sitting. In some cases, a patient will complain of leg pain and weakness without having any back pain.  
Symptoms often limit self-supporting daily activities, work, social and recreational pursuits. Lack of activity can lead to obesity, depression and general physical deterioration. 
This educational event will help patients understand their disease and how to manage their condition. LSS patients will understand treatment options including: non-operative therapy, traditional surgery and a new minimally invasive technology.

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