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Botsford Hospital's School-Based Clinic Helps Redford Kids

Redford, Mich. (March 8, 2012)---Botsford Hospital's South Redford School-Based Health Clinic is providing much needed access to health care to hundreds of students in both Pierce Middle School and Thurston High School.  
The South Redford School-Based Health Clinic is one of 70 school-based health centers in Michigan and is funded and provided by the Michigan Department of Community Health, Michigan Department of Education, Botsford Hospital and the South Redford School District. 
The clinic promotes the health of children, adolescents and their families ages 10 through 21 in Redford. The nurse practitioner, medical assistant, dietitian and social worker provide a variety of health services, including primary and preventive care, immunizations, health education, mental health care and many more.  
This clinic does not turn away any student for their inability to pay and helps get uninsured children enrolled in Medicaid. Since the clinic’s opening in May 2010, it has helped 43 families get approved for Medicaid health benefits.  
"The South Redford clinic is striving to provide a safe and comfortable place for children to receive health care services and is the only place to access health care for some," says Ron Szumski, Botsford Hospital's clinic system executive. 
"The clinic's efforts at keeping kids in school and healthy have gone far beyond the typical health care services," Szumski said. 
Nurse Practitioner Kassandra Luoma and Medical Assistant Kathy Brancart are on a first name basis with the majority of their student patients and actively try to be involved outside the clinic and in the school classrooms. They try to be as approachable as possible and hope that students will feel they can come to them with any concern.  
The clinic focuses an abundance of time on nutritional and counseling services due to the high need among its students. The clinic provides a boot camp fitness class to students once a week after school to help them stay active, as well as provides them with fitness routines to take home and use everyday.  
The Cooking Matters class gives teens and sometimes their families a hands-on experience to prepare and cook meals on a budget. "For students who may be going home and cooking for themselves, the class provides the knowledge of how to properly read nutritional labels and cook healthy meals on their own," Luoma says.  
The clinic is helping the statewide efforts to decrease the absenteeism and tardiness of students while increasing their access to health care, as well as increasing the overall health of Redford adolescents.

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