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Botsford News Release


Even in a Recession, Botsford Hospital Retains Outstanding New Nursing Grads

Farmington Hills, Mich. (July 27, 2009)---Not so long ago, Michigan hospitals struggled to fill nursing job vacancies. As the recession deepened over the last year, even those perennially unfilled nursing positions began to disappear. Currently, Botsford Hospital in Farmington Hills, Mich., has no job openings for registered nurses. Yet, 18 nursing technicians at Botsford who recently graduated from college received job promotions as RN’s at the hospital. 
“In planning our staffing, we held open RN positions to offer to these proven employees to accept upon graduation,” says Marge Hasler, RN, MSN, Botsford Hospital’s Vice President and Chief Nursing Officer. “These 18 individuals proved their commitment to Botsford and to the nursing profession through their high performance ratings as nurse technicians and their success in accredited RN degree programs.” 
While nursing school only touches on certain areas, Botsford’s nurse techs gain in-depth training in assessing cardiac, critical, emergency, maternity, medical/surgical, neurological, orthopedic, pediatric or pulmonary patients. 
“My unit manager on 4 South was very accommodating and understanding during my time being both a student and a nurse tech,” says Erin Foley, RN, who recently graduated from Henry Ford Community College. “Being an RN is a challenge, but I enjoy my work on the orthopedic rehab unit. I like Botsford because it’s a smaller hospital and feels very comfortable.” 
Botsford Hospital’s nurse techs work alongside experience RNs, practicing and enhancing their developing nursing skills. 
Continuing in Botsford’s Progressive Care Unit where she previously worked as a nurse tech, Angela Bartosh, RN, a University of Detroit-Mercy grad comments, “My coworkers on Botsford’s cardiac unit are a really good team. As mentors, they helped me, gave great advice, and provided comfort and support.” 
While there is probably no completely recession-proof job, nursing comes close. No matter what the economy is doing, people get sick and need care. People hope that when they need a nurse’s care, that they receive the best. At Botsford Hospital, excellent nursing care is a top priority.

Beaumont Health is a not-for-profit organization formed by Beaumont Health System, Botsford Health Care and Oakwood Healthcare to provide high-quality, efficient, accessible services in a caring environment for southeastern Michigan residents and beyond. As one of Beaumont Health's eight hospitals, Botsford Hospital is a multi-specialty 330-bed hospital and verified trauma center located in Farmington Hills, Michigan. The campus also houses an imaging center, a comprehensive care cancer center and an extensive medical education program---part of Michigan State University's Statewide Campus System. Annually, Botsford cares for about 16,000 inpatients and more than 60,000 emergency and trauma patients with a team of approximately 2,500 employees, 300 volunteers and 600 physicians., twitter, facebook, blog

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