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Patient Rights


Botsford Hospital Commitment to the Rights of Patients

Addressing Patient Rights

Health care today represents a delicate balance between high technology diagnostics and treatments, care and understanding, and a complex maze of legislation, legal protection and regulations.

Good communications represent an important key to maintaining that balance. Here at Botsford, we believe that patients who understand their rights and understand the environment in which they are being treated are better able to participate in their care and contribute to their recovery.

Your recovery will require a team effort. We need for you be an active member of the team.

Botsford supports and protects
the basic human, civil, constitutional and statutory rights
of each patient.

Patient Rights Information:

  1. Statement of Patient Rights
  2. Communication Barriers
  3. Visitation Guidelines
  4. Durable Power of Attorney
  5. Addressing Your Concerns
    • Patient Rights Advocate
    • Filing a Complaint