Our Services
Plan for an hour-long appointment at our clinic. We focus on three aspects of your trip:

Pre-trip planning
Our first step is to review the details of your trip: your reasons for traveling, itinerary, destinations and planned activities. We'll use this information to provide customized travel-related information and administer any required vaccinations.

We are pleased to provide the following services, as needed:

We will provide special tips for those traveling while pregnant or with health conditions such as diabetes, heart disease and physical challenges.

Counseling regarding your activities while traveling
Your visit will include a private consultation reviewing the following topics:

You'll also receive country specific information such as:

We review with you what each country requires and recommends for travel in and out of the country.

Post-trip evaluation
We can address any illness or discomfort you experienced while away, or any type of health problem that has developed since your return. If necessary, we will provide appropriate testing and treatment.

Additional services
Do you know someone heading off to summer camps, high school or college? We have the new meningitis vaccine available for your student. We also provide general vaccinations, including pneumonia and varicella (chicken pox) along with tuberculosis screening. We are certified to administer the yellow fever vaccine.