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Injury Prevention

Trauma - Injury Prevention and Safety TIPS

Most injuries occur because people are not aware of their immediate environment and potential hazards in that environment. In addition, people may not have learned, had training or know how to practice safe behaviors when they recognize what hazards exist. And injuries can happen on a moment's notice, whether inside your home, out of doors or driving down the street.

To help reduce the possibility of injuries, Botsford Hospital is partnering with local fire departments and civic organizations to promote safer habits in our community. A variety of resources is available to help identity and incorporate safer behaviors in daily living.

The goal of Botsford's Trauma - Injury Prevention program is to reduce traumatic injuries in our community.

Botsford provides the following resources to those of all ages.

Learn to incorporate safer habits into your daily routine.

Presentations are free.

To discuss these resources, set up a speaker or obtain printed literature, contact Rhonda Thompson, RN, Trauma Outreach/Injury Prevention Coordinator, Botsford Trauma Services, (248) 888-2586.

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