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Letters From Grateful Patients and Families

Good afternoon. I wanted to take some time to write to you to tell you how extremely satisfied I have been in my experience with Botsford Hospital to date.

Last Monday, July 12th my father was critically injured in a car accident and brought to Botsford Trauma Center. I received a call from a male ER nurse encouraging me to get to the hospital as soon as possible. When I arrived in the ER, there were 2 people behind the information desk. The gentleman behind the desk immediately acknowledged me and asked if he could help me. I explained that my father had been in a car accident. He asked for a name and I told him. The woman behind the desk indicated that he was in the ICU surgery and pointed me to the elevators. The gentleman however came from behind the desk and personally escorted me to a room where he believed a family member was already waiting. We finally found my stepmother in the critical care waiting room. The fact that he made the extra effort to ensure I made it to the right place made such a difference to me. I would have been so distraught if I had gone up to the ICU alone. He really made my first impression of Botsford a great one. If they ever ask themselves why they do what they do, I hope they realize that their efforts (as little as they may seem to them) make all the difference in the world to a lost and scared family member of someone brought into the ER. Kudos to the gentleman who helped me. I wish I had paid attention to his name so I could relay that information to you but I hope you will be able to figure out who was on duty around 9 am on 7/12.

I just want you to know that everyone I dealt with that day exceeded any expectation I could have had. The surgeons were very thorough - they took time to explain the procedures and allow me to ask as many questions as I wanted. They seemed very caring and compassionate. I felt so comfortable knowing my father was in such good hands. They made me feel like they understood that my father was someone who is loved and not just a body on an operating table.

The nurses in critical care who have attended to my father have been exceptional. I would like to recognize both Sue and Dorothy for taking such great care of my dad. I was able to sleep at night knowing that he was in capable and caring hands. This really makes all the difference in the world.

I have told everyone I know that God forbid they are ever injured, Botsford Trauma Center is where they should hope to be. You have an amazing facility and exceptional staff and I will always remember each of those who did their part to save my father's life. Thank you Botsford and keep up the great work!


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