FAQ: Get Social with Botsford

Why is Botsford using social media?
Botsford Hospital has taken to social media to communicate with and educate patients, families and community members and to raise awareness of health issues, services and events. We hope to start a conversation within these communities to better understand their needs and become better partners in their health.

If I'm a patient at Botsford, will my photo or information be shared on social media?
Not without your approval. Photos are an important element of social media and we expect to post many photos of events and activities at Botsford. Most photos that will appear on social media will be taken by Botsford staff who will ask you to sign a photo release form when you are photographed. Sometimes photos are posted by members of the community and a photo release may not have been signed. While this is not in our control, if a photo of you has been posted on Botsford's social media pages that you'd like removed, please do not hesitate to call Community Relations at (248) 442-7986 and we will make every attempt to remove the material.

If I follow or interact with Botsford on social media, will my photo or information be shared publicly?
As part of the social conversation, we will occasionally reply to you, "retweet," repost or otherwise share your comments with our followers. In these cases, the only information we share about you is your comment and what you share publicly on your social profile. We will not share any messages or information sent to us in a private message without your consent.

What are the posting guidelines? Will any content be removed?
Social media sites like Facebook feature candid discussions and personal opinions. However, we ask that you follow these guidelines to make sure the conversation is safe and appropriate for all. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact Botsford Hospital Community Relations at (248) 442-7986.

Can I get health advice for my condition?
No. We are unable to make diagnoses or recommend treatments. Any questions about symptoms or illnesses cannot be answered by social media and you will be directed to seek advice from a health care provider such as your doctor. Please be cautious about the health information you share about yourself or others on the Internet.

Occasionally Botsford Hospital will provide general health and wellness information, tips and resources. This information is not intended to replace the advice of your doctor or other health care professional.

How can I find each of Botsford's social media profiles?
Visit botsford.org/social to find links to all of our social media profiles.

Have other questions?
Contact us here, call Community Relations at (248) 442-7986, or send us a message on any of our social media profiles.