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Guide to Your Medical Bills

Our Financial Assistance and Charitable Care Programs

Beaumont - Farmington Hills is proud of our long history of serving the healthcare needs within our community. We understand that some of our patients are unable to pay for their hospital services. If you don’t have health insurance or worry that you may not be able to pay in full for your healthcare costs, we may be able to help. To provide quality hospital care at discounted rates and with on-time payment plans for those in need, Beaumont - Farmington Hills has many programs to help: an Uninsured Financial Discount Program, a Charitable Care Program, and a Financial Assistance Program.

Should your financial circumstances present a limit to attending to your health needs, please contact us immediately to discuss alternative options available to you. To learn more about our Financial Assistance and-or Charitable Care Programs, please speak with a representative from our Registration Department during your visit or contact a Customer Service Representative, weekdays 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. at 248-577-9600.

Financial Navigation at the Cancer Center

Beaumont - Farmington Hills offers one-on-one personal assistance to cancer patients who are seeking financial navigation. We understand that being diagnosed with cancer is emotionally and financially-burdensome, especially for those patients with little or no insurance. Our Financial Navigator screens patients for eligibility in Healthy Michigan Plans and provides assistance with the application process, while freely addressing any other questions or concerns regarding the costs and coverage of their treatment.

Contact the Financial Navigator at 248-471-4414  for your consultation.

Our Uninsured Financial Discount Program

At Beaumont – Farmington Hills we believe that you don’t have to sacrifice your healthcare needs because you are worried about the cost of care. As a result of Healthy Michigan, (Public Act 107), for those who don’t have insurance, we will accept 115% of Medicare’s payment. Beaumont – Farmington Hills automatically evaluates all self-pay account balances for uninsured financial discount assistance. An uninsured patient with an annual income up to 250% of the Federal Poverty Level will qualify for a financial discount. For those that qualify, a discount will be applied to gross charges for all medically necessary hospital services. For qualifying patients, a financial discount will be applied to their account balance in order to reduce the balance to the expected payment due from the uninsured patient.

The Beaumont – Farmington Hills discount to the uninsured does not apply to the following:

Charity Care Assistance Program

Beaumont – Farmington Hills believes that all patients have an obligation to pay a “fair share contribution” of their hospital bills so that we can continue to provide healthcare services to all within our community who may need treatment. Beaumont - Farmington Hills automatically evaluates all patient balances for charitable care assistance. For patients who qualify for charitable care assistance, we’ll apply a reduction that could lower the patient balance down to our “fair share contribution” minimum balance.

If you’re unable to pay for your necessary medical care, you may qualify for charitable care assistance if you:

Our Financial Assistance Programs

Assistance in applying for insurance coverage: Many patients who don’t have insurance coverage may qualify for state insurance programs such as Medicaid. Representatives are available to help you in applying for coverage.

Assistance through prompt-pay discounting plans: Beaumont – Farmington Hills offers a prompt-pay discount to our insured patients with out-of pocket expense (such as co-payments, coinsurance, or deductibles) as well as to our uninsured patients estimated portion of the bill. The prompt-pay discount is a reduction in the estimated patient portion of the bill in exchange for your immediate payment at the time services are rendered.

Assistance through installment payment plans: Beaumont – Farmington Hills offers several monthly payment plans to cover the cost of healthcare when financial means are limited. Patients who wish to set up a payment arrangement for their hospital bills may do so by enrolling in our Hospital Expense Loan Program (“HELP”). Depending on the length of time needed, the payment arrangements available through HELP are either interest-free or at a significantly-low interest rate.

Financial Clearance

Either before or immediately after your admission, or hospital service, your insurance plan coverage will be verified. If the results from verification indicate that the insurance information is incomplete or that a patient payment may be required, a Financial Counselor will visit your room. It is the role of the Financial Counselor to help you understand your insurance coverage or need for financial help, along with working with you to correct any insurance plan issues that may affect your visit or stay while at the hospital.

After Your Visit Insurance and Patient Billing

Beaumont – Farmington Hills will submit health insurance claims directly to your primary insurance plan and, if appropriate, to the
secondary insurance plan(s) that you provided during registration. By signing the “Authorization for Treatment” form during your
registration, you agree that Beaumont – Farmington Hills can be paid directly by your insurance plan(s).

Beaumont – Farmington Hills can’t guarantee that your insurance plan will pay for all of the services provided to you. Your insurance plan, not Beaumont, determines what it will and will not cover, and verification and pre-authorization doesn’t guarantee that your claim will be paid.

Beaumont – Farmington Hills may occasionally submit a claim to a patient’s insurance plan where the plan may pay the patient
directly. If your insurance plan pays you directly, you must submit payment to the hospital within 30 days after you receive payment
from your insurance company.

Please remember that we bill your insurance company as a courtesy to you, but as our guest you’re ultimately responsible for any
balance on your account. Any outstanding balances not paid by your insurance plan (such as co-payments, deductibles, and-or
co-insurance amounts) will be billed directly to you. Your payment is expected within 30 days after you receive a statement from Beaumont – Farmington Hills.

A few other suggestions regarding your hospital bill: