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Test Requirements and Handling

Clients may call the Laboratory Client Service Center at (248) 888-2580, to request that additional tests be performed on a previously submitted sample.

Fill out Add-on Test Form with:

Specimen Retention Handling

Most blood specimens, body fluids, and twenty-four hour urine specimens are retained for seven days.  Random urine specimens are discarded after twenty-four hours. Stool specimens are discarded after forty-eight hours. Some specimens may not be suitable for testing at a later time and some tests may not be accurate when performed on a stored specimen; therefore, it is important that the laboratory is notified as soon as possible of any additional test requests.

Verbal Requests

CLIA 88 Regulations require a written confirmation for any verbal request(s). A "Written Verification of Verbal Orders or Incomplete Requisition" form will be sent to the physician for an authorized signature. This form must be returned to the Laboratory within twenty-four hours.

Specimen Collection and Testing Information

Lab Test Codes