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Outreach Lab


General Information and Contacts

Client Services

The BOTSFORD HOSPITAL Laboratory provides reference laboratory testing for physician offices and clinics.  Trained Client Service Representatives are available 7:00 a.m. - 10:00 p.m. to assist clients with questions regarding specimen collection, specimen handling, test information, test results, patient reports, supplies, and courier service.  They will also direct client calls to the appropriate individual for technical or consultative information. The Client Service Representatives can be contacted at (248) 888-2580.

Key Contacts

Client Service Centers


Critical Values and STAT Results

Critical values will be called to the physician or office staff, twenty-four hours per day, immediately upon detection. The patient’s home telephone number will be provided to the physician when the result is called. The only exception is if the physician has provided the laboratory with a signed letter directing the laboratory not to call during certain hours.

STAT results will be called to the physician or physician office. A facsimile may be requested at the time the results are called. STATs will be performed only on tests on the approved STAT list.

Laboratory Reports

Courier Services

Community EMS provides courier service for Botsford Hospital Laboratory. Normal business hours are 10:00am to 9:00pm Monday-Friday. STAT services are available from 9:00am to 8:00pm and on weekends. Forty-eight hours is required to setup courier service for a new client.  New clients must complete a Client Information Profile form to establish courier services. Any changes, such as office location, hours of operation, physicians, etc. must be communicated to Community EMS and requires forty-eight hours to take in effect. Each client is then assigned a unique client identifier.

A client profile form will be filled out for all new accounts. This will include the following pertinent information:

Normally, clients will have one courier pickup per day after the office closes; however, high volume offices may have additional courier pickups. Each physician office client will be provided with a locked specimen drop box for after hour pickup. Courier service is available at regularly scheduled times or on an as needed or “will call” basis. “Will call” courier service is available by calling the Client Service Department at Botsford Hospital at (248) 888-2850.

Billing and Collections for Laboratory Tests

Botsford Hospital will bill third party payers and patients for laboratory tests performed on specimens sent to Botsford Hospital Laboratory for analysis.  The bill is prepared by the Patient Accounting Department.  A laboratory requisition that is legibly and completely filled out by the physician or his representative, and a completed and signed Advance Beneficiary Notice for a Medicare patient is essential for proper billing and minimal inconvenience to the patient and physician office staff.  Failure of the physician or his representative to provide essential patient demographics, insurance information, Advance Beneficiary Notice, and/or ICD-9 diagnosis codes for each test requested, will result in follow-up calls to the physician office.

The Patient Accounting Department is open Monday through Friday, from 8:00am to 4:30pm.  Any questions regarding patient bills should be directed to the Patient Accounting Department at (800) 701-9960.

Please note that certain tests are forwarded to the University of Michigan "MLab" reference laboratory. The U of M (MLab) will third party bill for all testing performed on an outpatient basis. Any questions concerning a bill from U of M (MLab) should be directed to the Director of Laboratory and Outpatient Services at (248) 615-7355.

Patients will be contacted by telephone and or mail before receiving a pre-collection letter. If the telephone call or mailing is ignored a pre-collection letter will be sent out. The letter will request that the patient contact the billing department by mail or by telephone with update insurance information or a method of payment. Patients that do not contact the billing department with updated insurance information or payment may be placed in collections.