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Frequently Asked Questions

PLEASE NOTE: You may also receive statements from other providers such as:

Botsford Hospital 1-800-701-9960
Botsford Clinic System 1-866-220-9960
Botsford Commons Senior Community 1-248-426-6968
Botsford Medical Imaging 1-866-744-1452
Botsford Outreach Laboratory 1-866-220-9960
Beaumont EMS 1-866-223-9960
Community Ambulance Service 1-740-454-6800
Community EMS 1-866-223-9960
DMCare Express 1-866-223-9960
ER Physician Billing 1-877-877-0438
HealthLink Medical Transportation 1-866-223-9960
Regional EMS 1-866-223-9960

Do I owe any money now?
If the "Pay This Amount" box on your statement says "0.00" you do not owe any money now. In most cases, it means we are in the process of billing your insurance company and have not yet determined what amount, if any, you owe. If you do owe money after your insurance company has paid its portion, that outstanding amount will appear in the "Pay This Amount" box on a later statement.
What if I paid a deposit?
Any deposit paid upon admission should be reflected on your first statement. It is applied toward whatever self-pay amount you owe after payment from your insurance company is received.
What if my insurance company doesn't cover this?
You are responsible for paying any amount not covered by insurance. We're happy to work with you to develop a reasonable payment plan to meet your needs.
I received several statements for services all performed on the same day. Can't these be combined?
Whenever possible we try to combine charges onto one statement. However, some payor regulations mandate that services be billed separately.
How do I file a secondary insurance claim?
If you have insurance through a second source, such as through your spouse's employer or under a supplemental plan, you can sometimes submit a claim for the amount your primary insurance provider did not cover. In most cases, a photocopy of your bill and a copy of the Explanation of Benefits form from your primary carrier is all that's required by the secondary provider.
Q: What if I can't afford to pay the "Pay This Amount" balance?
Even if you do not have the financial resources to pay the entire balance due, we strongly encourage you to call us and let us know. We have many alternatives to immediate payment in full, and we are willing to work with you to try to qualify you for one of them. Programs offered include:
  • A zero-interest installment program of up to six months
  • A low-interest loan program
  • A financial assistance program