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ENT Surgery

Ear, nose and throat surgery is the surgical treatment of diseases, injuries or deformations of the ears, nose, throat, head and neck areas.

The purpose of surgery to the ears, nose, throat, head and neck is to treat an abnormality (defect or disease) in these anatomical areas. Additionally, the specialty known as otorhinolaryngology (ears [oto], nose [rhino] and throat [laryn], referring to the larynx or throat) also includes surgical intervention for diseases in the head and neck regions. Most ear, nose and throat (ENT) surgeons in the United States are referred to as otolaryngologist and their specialty is otolaryngology. Ear surgery is usually performed to correct specific causes of hearing loss. Nose surgery can include different types of procedures necessary to treat sinus problems (sinus surgery). Throat surgery can include complicated procedures such as cancer of the larynx (laryngectomy), or more simple procedures such as surgical removal of the adenoids (adenoidectomy) or tonsils (tonsillectomy). Head and neck surgery may be necessary to remove a tumor or reconstruct an area after disfigurement from trauma or injury.

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