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Surgical Services
Botsford Hospital Day of Surgery

Preparing for Surgery

Day of Surgery

Please plan to arrive two hours before your surgery is scheduled to begin, unless otherwise instructed.

Beaumont Hospital - Farmington Hills offers free parking in front of the hospital.

Preoperative Preparation

Upon arrival, please check in with the receptionist. She will provide a copy of the anesthesia consent for your review while waiting. Shortly after registration, you will be escorted to the pre-operative area where a nurse will begin making preparations for your procedure. An intravenous line (IV) will administer medication and fluids during your surgery and recovery.

Information for Family Members
Your family member will take approximately 30-40 minutes to change clothes, complete the nursing admission/assessment and talk with the anesthesiologist. If you are waiting longer than this time frame, please inform the receptionist.

Please remain in the waiting room until your family member's procedure has been completed. However, if you need to leave the waiting room, beepers are available for your convenience. This way when the physician is ready to speak with you, you can be paged.


Prior to surgery, your physician and anesthesiologist discussed what type of anesthesia you would have during surgery. Some types of anesthesia include:

Botsford Hospital Day of Surgery

During Surgery
When you are taken in the operating room, you will be connected to monitoring equipment that will be used to monitor your heart rate and blood pressure. Depending on your surgery, other equipment may be necessary. If you have questions, feel free to ask at anytime. The amount of time in surgery will depend on your procedure. While you are in surgery and recovery, your loved ones will be informed of your progress.

Postoperative Care
After surgery, you will be taken to the Post Anesthesia Care Unit where the nurses will monitor your condition as you recover from the anesthesia. Once you meet specific recovery criteria, you will be ready for discharge.

If Staying in Hospital
If you are staying in the hospital, you will be assigned to a patient room. Nurses will continue to monitor your recovery and administer pain medication prescribed by your physician.

If Having Outpatient Surgery
If you are having outpatient surgery, you will remain in the recovery area until you are ready to be released. You will be given instructions and any medications you will need. When you and your healthcare team feel you are ready, you will be able to go home.

It is extremely important that you make arrangements for a responsible adult to accompany you to the hospital and drive you home after surgery. You will not be allowed to drive after surgery. It is mandatory that a responsible adult stay with you at your home the night following surgery. If these instructions are not followed, your procedure could be cancelled.