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Sleep Therapy
Botsford Sleep Disorder

Botsford Sleep Disorder Center

Most of us recognize that good sleep habits and adequate rest are among the keys to staying healthy and feeling fit.

For 25 million adults and children, however, a sleep disorder interferes with the quality of rest needed for good health.

The sleep disorders most frequently recognized & treated in the sleep center are:

If you suspect that yourself, or someone you know, may have a sleep disorder, help is available from the caring and professional staff at the Botsford Sleep Disorder Center. For more information on sleep disorders and the Botsford Sleep Disorder Center, call (248) 471-8968.

The Botsford Sleep Disorder Center meets the proposed requirement of Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan, and other insurers, to have sleep therapy tests interpreted by a board-certified sleep medicine physician.

Sleep Therapy

Botsford Sleep Disorder Center
Located on the Botsford Commons Senior Community campus
21440 Archwood Circle
Farmington Hills, MI 48336
(248) 471-8968

The Botsford Sleep Disorder Center is fully accredited by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine.  This accreditation reflects Botsford’s commitment to ensure that sleep disorder patients receive the highest quality care.

For more information on sleep disorders, visit our Health Information pages or MedlinePlus's sleep disorder information section.