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Botsford Hospital provides both inpatient cancer services and outpatient services. Our newly-built 30,000 square foot Cancer Center offers outpatient radiation and chemotherapy services in a modern, easy-to-access facility.  If you learn you have cancer, Botsford can provide the medical services you need in a comfortable, personal setting to compliment healing.

Our Services

Among the oncology services offered by Botsford are:

Cancer Treatment
Inpatient Cancer Services

Outpatient Services

For many patients, Botsford oncology services begin through you and your physician as they identify abnormal cells or tissue. From this point, Botsford’s personal care in a smaller setting and strong diagnostic expertise will guide you through the treatment best suited for your condition.

What is Cancer?

What is Cancer

Cancer is a general term for the abnormal growth of cells.  A cancer cell has an abnormal chromosome from either a genetic change or from some sort of damage or injury.  This abnormal cell starts sending the body the wrong message, and the cell begins to grow rapidly to form a lump or mass that is called a tumor.

Removing and examining some of the abnormal cell tissue from the tumor (a biopsy) will determine if the tumor is cancerous (malignant) or non-cancerous (non-malignant). If the cells are malignant and the diagnosis of cancer is made, your doctor will discuss the best way to treat your particular situation.

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