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Breastfeeding Services

Medication Counseling

Medication Counseling

Any time a Mom is nursing, she needs to be cautious about taking any medicines, both over the counter and prescription medications. Although most medications are compatible with breastfeeding, it is best to check with an expert first.

The Lactation Consultants at Beaumont Hospital - Farmington Hills Breastfeeding Services use updated resources to provide parents and health care providers with the latest information available regarding specific medications and breastfeeding.

While we can never assure that a medication is completely safe, we can provide information so an informed decision can be made. Parents can use the information provided to further discuss medication usage while breastfeeding with their personal health care provider.

LactMed is a database that can also be helpful in obtaining information about medications when the Breastfeeding Clinic is closed.

Again, any information provided by the lactation consultants or the above link should be used as a guide when making decisions about medication usage during breastfeeding. Parents should always consult with their personal health care provider.

Call Beaumont - Farmington Hills Breastfeeding Services at (248) 471-8471.