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Breastfeeding Services

Breastfeeding Medicine Clinic

Beaumont Hospital - Farmigton Hills Breastfeeding Services provides outpatient assistant to mothers who may be experience breastfeeding difficulties.  Evaluation and treatment for mom and baby are provided by a Certified Lactation Consultant along with a Beaumont - Farmington Hills pediatrician.  Our team focuses exclusively on feeding issues; all other medical issues are referred back to the primary care provider. Most visits last 1 to 1.5 hours and include a history and physical examination of the infant, a breast assessment, and a feeding evaluation.  Most issues can be solved with a one-time visit; however follow up care is available as needed. 

Making an Appointment
Call our office at: 248-471-8471 and speak with a lactation consultant.  She will take a brief history over the phone and schedule your appointment.

Our clinic offers a variety of Breastfeeding Services to meet your needs:

Most insurances are accepted; co-pays and deductibles will apply. The lactation consultant who schedules your appointment can suggest questions you may wish to ask your insurance carrier to verify coverage.

Most breastfeeding issues can be addressed by simply working on latch and feeding techniques.  If needed, breastpumps and other supplies are available at our clinic for purchase or rental.

Call our office Beaumont - Farmington Hills Breastfeeding Services at (248) 471-8471.