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Keloid Treatment

Team Approach Reduces Reoccurrence

Darnell Boynton

Darnell Boynton, from Detroit, MI was excited when he heard about a new treatment that would not only eliminate his keloids, but decrease the odds of them coming back. Beaumont Hospital - Farmington Hills physicians have reduced their keloid reoccurrence rate to lower than 7%. What’s the key to their success? Both the keloid removal surgery and the direct electron beam irradiation must be done on the same day. Watch Darnell's story in his own words and meet the physicians offering this innovative treatment.

About Keloids

A keloid is a type of scar where a raised bump forms on the skin due to cells overproducing scar tissue. Unlike other types of scars, a keloid goes past the boundaries of the original wound. They can be firm, rubbery lesions or shiny, fibrous nodules. Keloids can vary in color from flesh toned to pink, red or brown. It’s important to note that keloids are non-cancerous and not contagious. Some keloids are itchy or painful and in severe cases, can affect movement of skin. Keloid scars are fifteen times more frequently in highly pigmented ethnic groups than in Caucasians.

Surgical Treatment with Radiation

Surgery can remove a keloid, but the chance of a new keloid forming is greater than fifty percent. By treating the surgery site with direct electron beam irradiation, immediately after the surgery, Beaumont - Farmington Hills physicians have seen their keloid reoccurrence rate drop to the ten to fifteen percent range

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