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Imaging Services

CT - Computed Tomography

CT - Computed Tomography

Botsford Hospital
is accredited in
CT scanning.

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In a CT scan an x-ray beam moves in a circle around your body, creating a detailed image of an organ or structure. CT scans of internal organs, bone, soft tissue and blood vessels provide greater clarity than conventional x-ray exams.

Physicians use CT scans to examine blood vessels and organs, to see how your heart is functioning, to identify damage or blockage in arteries, to look for tumors, to diagnose injuries, and to locate the right site for a biopsy. CT scans provide clearer pictures of more tissue types than traditional x-rays do. 

All CT scans are read by a member of Botsford's Diagnostic Imaging Team. These highly trained, board-certified physicians are skilled in interpreting sophisticated test results. CT scan results are rapidly and electronically reported to your referring physician.

Preparing for your test:

Body Scan:

Head Scan:

Abdomen Scan:

Neck/Chest Scan:

Abdomen & Pelvis Scan:

 Spine, Arms, Legs, Sinus or a Renal Stone Scan:

For an appointment:
Contact Central Scheduling at 1-800-328-8542 and local 248-577-9700.


Beaumont Hospital - Farmington Hills Imaging Center
Professional Center North
Suite 101, 28080 Grand River Ave.
Farmington Hills, MI 48336
(on the campus of Botsford Hospital)

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