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Geropsychiatry/Mental Health Services

Reminiscence Therapy

Vintage Photos

Until the day when Alzheimer’s can be cured, caregivers of Alzheimer’s sufferers face a challenging battle to care for the patient and oversee treatment of the difficult disease. In addition to traditional therapeutic approaches, some additional forms of therapy have been found useful for people with the disease.

One of these is reminiscence therapy, which invites a person with Alzheimer’s to exercise his or her long-term memory by encouraging the sharing of positive recollections from younger days. Especially in the earlier stages of the disease, the patient may still remember, with astonishing clarity, events and people from childhood and young adulthood.

As a tool to generate this type of conversation, Beaumont Hospital - Farmington Hills’ Geropsychiatric Services seeks donations of photos or posters of historic buildings in Detroit, the surrounding metropolitan area and the state of Michigan.
Focusing conversations on these more solid photo memories can improve patients’ mood, encourage verbalization and raise self-esteem.

For more information or to make a donation, please call Chris Korycki at (248) 471-8776 or e-mail.




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