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da VinciĀ© Robotic Surgery

da Vinci Gynecological Surgery

When medication, non-invasive procedures or life style changes don’t resolve gynecological problems, surgery is often the next option. With traditional open gynecological surgery the surgeon makes a large incision, allowing access the uterus and surrounding anatomy. This major surgery is very disruptive to a women’s life and recovery can be painful and slow.

The da Vinci Surgical System, offers the least invasive treatment option. Working through tiny, 1 to 2 cm incisions, specially trained surgeons can perform detailed gynecological surgeries previously only possible with traditional surgery. Robotic-assisted surgery provides women with the potential for a quicker, less painful recovery process.

Da Vinci may be an option for many gynecological surgeries including hysterectomy, myomectomy (the removal of uterine fibroids), removal of ovarian masses and some cancer treatments.

Review these brochures and videos to learn more about specific da Vinci procedures.

Da Vinci Hysterectomy -


Incision Comparisons










If you or a loved one is facing surgery, carefully consider all the medical options available.    
Surgery is a big decision. Work with your doctor to choose the best option for your situation.