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da VinciĀ© Robotic Surgery

Advantages of da Vinci

A quicker recovery
With the da Vinci robotic system, surgeons operate through small, dime-sized incisions. Because the surgery is minimally invasive, your recovery time is shortened allowing you to get back to your normal daily activities sooner. Additional benefits may include:

A better view
Da Vinci provides surgeons with substantially improved visibility vs. traditional or laparoscopy surgery. The advanced visualization system provides precise, real time, 3D images that can be easily magnified up to ten times larger than the actual size for a closer look.

A greater range of motion
Surgeons can manipulate each of the robotic arms a full 360 degrees, experiencing a range of motion exceeding that of the human hand. This provides complete freedom in moving the surgical instruments and allows the surgeon to execute the most delicate and precise procedures. The robotic arms also eliminate any natural hand tremor during surgery.

Standard laparoscopic surgery is limited by two-dimensional perspective and long, straight instruments with fixed tips. There’s a wide array of miniaturized instruments that can be used with the da Vinci Surgical System, giving surgeons additional options not available in traditional or laparoscopic surgery.