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Heart Failure

What is Heart Failure?

Heart failure is the condition in which the heart cannot pump enough blood to meet the body's needs. Over time, the decreased heart function is accompanied by a build up of body fluid in the lungs and elsewhere.

As function deteriorates, the strength of muscle contractions may be reduced and the ability of the heart's chambers to pump blood may be limited - resulting in less blood being distributed to the body's tissues. As the heart weakens, the pumping chambers may enlarge and fill with excess blood because the heart muscle is not strong enough to pump out all the blood it receives. Moreover, the architecture of the heart changes as it enlarges, aggravating the condition.

What causes heart failure?

Heart Failure can be caused by many factors such as coronary artery disease, untreated hypertension, viral infection on inflammation of the heart (myocarditis) or primary heart muscle disease (cardiomyopathy).

What are the treatment options for patients diagnosed with heart failure?

Intensive conventional therapy includes drug therapies and lifestyle changes that are carefully tailored to the patient's condition.

Exercise training, nutritional counseling and health education programs are an essential part of care from patients with heart disease. An educational component provides patients with information about the disease process, its cause and what they can do to reduce future risks.