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Enhanced External Counterpulsation Therapy (EECP)


What to expect at a therapy session.

EECP TreatmentAt an EECP treatment, you lie on a table. Air cuffs are then placed on each leg. You are connected to an electrocardiogram monitor (ECG/EKG) and small sticky patches are placed on your chest. The monitor measures your heart's electrical activity and the leg cuffs inflate and deflate in response to these signals. When the heart relaxes between heartbeats (the period known as diastole), the cuffs rapidly inflate in succession from the calf to the upper thigh. This propels blood back to the heart. The cuffs quickly deflate just before the next heartbeat.

This inflation/deflation cycle occurs about 60 to 80 times per minute during an EECP session. Sessions last approximately one hour and are scheduled once a day during weekdays. A full course of EECP treatment lasts seven weeks, with about 35 hours of treatment time.