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General Surgery

Rotation Schedule - Year 1 & 2

First Year

A. Surgical Services

The first year of the residency is spent rotating through the surgical services of Beaumont Hospital, Farmington Hills. In addition, the first year resident rotates in the Intensive Care Unit where one cares for patients under the supervision of Earl Hecker, D.O. (Co-Director ICU) and Sanford Sklar, M.D., Intensivist and Co-Director of the Intensive Care Unit.

There are Four General Surgery services and one subspecialty and one vascular surgical service. During the first year, the resident will be instructed in first-assisting at the operating table and in the performance of minor surgical cases under direction of the attending surgeon on his/her services.

The resident is permitted to perform more complex cases as his/her experience and ability develop. The rate of development will vary from individual to individual.

The resident makes rounds with the Attending Surgeon and is instructed in the preoperative assessment and post-operative care of surgical patients. The resident participates in the instruction and education of the interns and externs on their service.

B. Intensive Care Unit Rotation

During the ICU rotation, the resident is introduced to and taught critical care basics for the surgical patient. The resident learns the techniques and applications of invasive monitoring, ventilator care and fluid and electrolyte management of the seriously ill patient.

He or she manages all surgical cases in the Intensive Care Unit under the supervision of the Directors of the ICU and the attending surgeons.

The ICU rotation is not intended to provide a complete instruction in the critical care management of all seriously ill surgical patients. This is supplemented by postoperative management of seriously ill surgical patients during the remainder of the resident's program. It may also be supplemented by an elective critical care rotation at another institution.

Second Year

A. Scrub Services

The second year consists of operative rotations through the scrub services at Beaumont, Farmington Hills. The training is programmed in a progressive manner to provide more opportunity for performing surgery as training progresses.

The steps in this training are stipulated, but again, there is variability depending upon the aptitude of the trainee.

The resident should be opening and closing most incisions and is allowed to perform most minor surgical procedures of lesser difficulty, e.g., inguinal herniorrhaphies, appendectomies, etc.

B. Out Rotations

The surgical resident can take two to three out rotations during his five-year residency program. Out rotations are rotations at other institutions, or rotations through other departments at Beaumont, Farmington Hills. All out rotations are taken the second and third years of the residency program unless otherwise approved by the Program Director. No out rotations are permitted in the first or fifth year.

All out rotations requests are submitted to the Program Director for approval at least two months prior to the starting date of the rotation.

The resident is to prepare the following information for out rotation approval: