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Resident Responsibilities

Journal Club
A monthly journal club is mandatory to stay current with the Podiatric/Orthopedic literature as it pertains to the foot and leg. The resident chooses a topic of interest and presents it with a critical evaluation of the literature. The program also incorporates the Podiatry Present Courseware (TM) Online Lecture Program as additional exposure to the current medical and surgical literature.

Anatomy Dissection Lab - Simulation/Skills Lab
Regularly scheduled dissection labs are held with a Beaumont, Farmington Hills staff anatomist reviewing lower extremity anatomy via lecture and Cadaver Dissection Laboratory. Surgical anatomy, incision planning and three dimensional relations are discussed early in the year. As the program progresses, attention is directed to all areas of the forefoot, rearfoot and ankle. Osteotomy training is also performed on saw bones. A-O fixation techniques are explained and performed to the resident.

Lecturing / Clinical Pathology Conference
Each quarter, the resident is required to address the podiatry staff on a relevant topic. The resident uses hospital facilities to prepare power-point presentations, handouts and other audiovisuals necessary for the lecture.

Medical Records
The resident receives instruction in proper protocols and format for maintaining medical records both for the ambulatory and in-house patient. Included in the instruction is how to use pertinent information when performing histories and physicals, progress notes, operative reports, discharge summaries and consultations.

Risk Management Conferences
The resident attends several lectures on podiatric risk management including the law of medical malpractice and informed consent. Issues such as asset projection, incorporation, wills and trusts are discussed. The residents may be given an opportunity to observe Worker's Compensation and Medical Malpractice depositions.

Podiatry Clinic at Beaumont Hospital, Farmington Hills
Podiatric residents participate in a resident-driven, attending-supervised office-based clinic. Pathology seen at this full working clinic includes diabetic wound care, palliative care, biomechanics and pediatrics. Significant surgical cases are generated from clinic patients.

Mission associated with the Baja Project
Residents may participate in the clinical and surgical treatment of pediatric clubfoot and related deformities on a yearly mission to Honduras.

Board Review
A regularly scheduled weekly lecture is mandatory for preparation for the ABFAS and ABPOPPM boards. The resident will be given comprehensive didactic instruction.

A new research project begins every year. Beaumont, Farmington Hills provides the resident access to necessary research materials. Prestigious institutions such as the University of Michigan and Michigan State University along with other outside institutions gladly cooperate and participate in assisting the resident in his or her project.

Special Programs