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Teaching Faculty
Medical Education: (248) 471-8224
Coordinator: Shari Hunt

Medical Student Rotation Application

Program Director:

Marshall G. Solomon, D.P.M.
21111 Middlebelt
Farmington Hills, MI 48336
(248) 478-1150



Resident Call Schedule: 1 week out of 8

Board Pass Rate: 100%

Program Description

The Podiatric Residency Program at Beaumont Hospital, Farmington Hills is a three-year residency called the Podiatric Medicine and Surgical Residency/ Reconstructive Rearfoot/Ankle (PMSR/RRA). The PMSR/RRA program is structured to meet standard requirements and guidelines for approved podiatric medical and surgical residencies by the Council on Podiatric Medical Education and the American Podiatric Medical Association. It prepares residents to sit for qualification with the Foot and Ankle Surgery (ABFAS), and American Board of Podiatric Medicine (ABPM). The PMSR/RRA program is recognized by the ABFAS, ABPM, ACFAS, and ACFAOM.

Completing the first year of the PMSR/RRA program, the podiatric resident attains competence in all aspects of podiatric and medical knowledge, skills and professional attitudes to supplement a well-rounded residency in clinical podiatric medicine. The first year provides knowledge in basic medical sciences and designated clinical techniques related to the lower extremity. Additional clinical medical rotations include Rheumatology, Internal Medicine, Infectious Diseases, Diagnostic Radiographic Imaging, Clinical Pathology Presentation/Symposia, Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation. It also introduces the podiatric resident to non-podiatric and podiatric surgery of the forefoot, as well as selective midfoot and rearfoot surgical procedures.

Completing the second and third year, the podiatric resident attains the knowledge, skills and professional attitude competencies in all aspects of podiatric surgery of the forefoot, midfoot, rearfoot and ankle. The PMSR/RRA program provides the podiatric resident with exposure to the other surgical sciences such as Anesthesia, Orthopedics, Pediatric Orthopedics, Emergency/Podiatric Traumatology, Plastics, and Vascular Surgery. This experience provides the PMSR/RRA resident with advanced medical and surgical aspects of clinical & surgical patient care.

Affiliations and Outside Rotations: Allegiance Hospital-Jackson, MI. Children's Hospital-Washington DC, Baja Crippled Children Project-Mexico, and San Juan Regional-Farmington, NM.


 Chief Residents

Luiza Khan, DPM

Payal Patel, DPM