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Specialty Track Curriculum

Year 1
Two (2) Months: General Internal Medicine
One (1) Month: Subspecialty Internal Medicine or Intensive Care Unit
One (1) Month: General Practice
One (1) Month: General Surgery (Hospital Based)
Two (2) Months: Gynecological Surgery
One(1) Month: Ambulatory Gynecology
One (1) Month: Pediatrics/or Equivalent
Three (3) Months: Obstetrics (Hospital Based)
Year 2
One (1) Month: Ultrasound (Radiology)
Seven (7) Months: Obstetrics
Three (3) Months: Gynecologic Surgery
One (1) Month: Genetics
Year 3
One (1) Month: Reproductive Endocrinology
Two (2) Months: Maternal Fetal Medicine
Six (6) Months: Gynecologic Surgery
Three (3) Months: Labor and Delivery
Year 4
One (1) Month: Gynecologic oncology
Eight (8) Months: Gynecologic Surgery
One (1) Month: Urogynecology
Two (2) Months: Labor and Delivery

In addition, the resident spends one-half day per week throughout the four-year residency in an ob/gyn resident continuity clinic.