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Resident Requirements

Hours of Work

The residents' routine daily work hours are 7 a.m. to 6 p.m., or until the necessary days work is completed. The night call resident is on duty from 6 p.m. until 7 a.m. Communication between daytime and evening on-call residents is mandatory in order to enhance patient care. No resident leaves the hospital if work remains to be done without permission of the Program Director or attending neurologist present at that time. Total work hours are monitored to be in compliance with current AOA regulations and policy, including moonlighting.


Moonlighting is in accordance with current AOA policy.

On Call

The on call schedule is formulated by the designated chief resident as approved by the Program Director or Assistant Program Directors.

ON CALL DUTIES: The resident is available by phone/beeper for all calls from the emergency department or hospital floors regarding patients. The resident makes a decision how he or she is to respond to the call and, at an appropriate time, notifies the attending neurologist on call.

Taking call and seeing patients on an emergent or urgent basis is necessary to develop one's skills as a clinical neurologist. This component of the residency must be taken seriously.

Daily Rounds

The resident on a manage service is up-to-date daily with the status of his or her patients, test results, treatment, etc. The resident is able to accurately convey this information to the attending neurologist.

Consultations require a history which is essential to making an accurate diagnosis. Phone calls may be necessary in order to obtain an accurate history.

EEG Interpretation

Following completion of the EEG out rotation, it is the resident's responsibility to continue to read EEG's on a daily basis, both at the hospital and in the office setting. The resident keeps a daily log of all EEG's read. The residents in-house set up a schedule for EEG reading and follow this on a daily basis.

Teaching Responsibilities

The neurology residents actively participate in teaching and training all rotating students, interns and residents. Didactic sessions are held at a minimum of three times per week with the rotators on our service. The resident participates in morning and noon house staff lectures as designated by the Program Director and/or assistant Program Directors.


Original research is part of the neurology residency. The resident submits an abstract of his or her paper to the Program Director by the start of his or her third year. The final original paper follows accepted APA guidelines and is of sufficient quality to be submitted for publication. The resident is not allowed to graduate without completion and review of their paper in a timely fashion.


The resident keeps detailed logs of patients, diagnoses and procedures, which are submitted and reviewed by the program Director or Assistant Program Director every year.


The resident is required to take the yearly on-site national neurology residents exam, usually given in March each year. Performance is reviewed with the Program Director or Assistant Program director.

Performance Evaluation

The resident's progress and performance is reviewed quarterly with the Program Director and/or Assistant Program Directors.


Daily admitting notes, progress notes and consultations are completed in a comprehensive manner, legible, with proper spelling and grammar.

All patients admitted to the neurology service require a complete admitting note by the resident responsible for that case.

All patients on a managed service require a discharge summary, including short stay patients. Refer to the document below regarding discharge summaries. All discharge summaries are completed within seven days of the patient's discharge. Failure to comply leads to sanctions at the discretion of the Program Director or assistants.

Length of Contract

Although the training program is for three years, contracts are given on a year-to- year basis, pending approval for renewal by the program Director and his assistants.


Two weeks of vacation plus one conference approved by Program Director.

Educational Opportunities