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Emergency Medicine

Further Resident Requirements

Annual Report of Osteopathic Resident in Emergency Medicine

The resident submits an annual report signed by the Program Director to the American College of Osteopathic Emergency Medicine within 30 days after completing the training year.

The following copied information accompanies this report:

  1. The annual paper
  2. The log of major procedures
  3. The lecture schedule attended or presented (the Department of Emergency Medicine will provide a copy of Emergency Medicine Residency Program lectures)

Annual Paper

The resident prepares a minimum of one manuscript per year suitable for publication. This is prepared under the supervision of the Program Director. Six months after beginning the residency program, the resident submits the topic for the annual paper to the Residency Program Director. Three months later, a rough draft is submitted. Two months later, the final paper is submitted.

This same schedule holds true for the second and third training years. Failure to complete this requirement may keep the resident from further participation in the training program. A presentation based on the paper is given to Beaumont, Farmington Hills house staff during the residency.

Evaluation of Resident's Performance

The resident is evaluated quarterly by the Program Director and core faculty. At that time the various rotation evaluations of the resident are reviewed with the resident. Along with program requirements such as logs, annual paper, time sheets and service evaluations. The Program Director then submits to the ACOEP an annual report reviewing the resident's progress.

Rotation Logs

The emergency medicine resident maintains a monthly log of his or her activity. This is kept on forms provided for this purpose. It includes a list of readings, cases seen (of special interest), special procedures performed and lectures attended for that month's rotation. These logs are submitted to the Residency Program Director by the second Wednesday following the end of the rotation.

Logs are required by the AOA, ACOEP, Beaumont, Farmington Hills and the Department of Emergency Medicine. This simplifies maintaining an orderly list of procedures provided after the residency to credentialing committees. It is not necessary for the resident keep a log of common emergency department procedures (flourescein staining of cornea, repair of simple laceration).

Additional Requirements