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Disasters and Bioterrorism

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AHA Emergency Readiness
This site is designed to keep you connected to the latest news, information, tools, and services in order to be better prepared in responding to both traditional disasters as well as potential terrorist attacks.
American Psychological Association - Help with Trauma
Information to help people cope with terrorism.
CDC - Bioterrorism Readiness Plan: A Template for Health Care Facilities
This publication and others are listed in this collection of CDC's bioterrorism information specifically for healthcare facilities.
CDC - Clinical Information Line
Provided by the CDC to facilitate the rapid dissemination of information to clinicians on terrorism agents, as well as for naturally occurring emergencies.
CDC - Public Health Emergency Preparedness & Response
"The public health infrastructure must be prepared to prevent illness and injury that would result from biological and chemical terrorism, especially a covert terrorist attack. As with emerging infectious diseases, early detection and control of biological and chemical attacks depends on a strong and flexible public health system at the local, state and federal levels. In addition, primary health-care providers throughout the United States must be vigilant because they will probably be the first to observe and report unusual illness or injuries." - MMWR 2000 Apr 21;49(RR04);1-14
CDC SNAPS provides local community profile information, valuable when responding to public health emergencies. It can be browsed by state, county or zip code.
Chemical Hazards Emergency Medical Management-CHEMM
CHEMM enables first responders and other healthcare providers to plan for, respond to, and recover from the effects of mass-casualty incidents involving accidental or terrorist chemical releases. This is a web-based resource that is downloadable in advance so it can be available in the event that the Internet is not accessible.
Chemical Weapons and Chemical Weapons Protection
The Chemical Weapons Convention or, as the complete title reads, the "Convention on the Prohibition of the Production, Stockpiling and Use of Chemical Weapons and on Their Destruction" was opened for signature in Paris, France on 13 January 1993. The CWC is the product of more than twenty years of negotiations at the Conference of Disarmament in Geneva, Switzerland.
Children, Terrorism & Disasters
A disaster preparedness site to meet children's needs provided by the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP).
CIA: (Central Intelligence Agency) - The War on Terrorism
Information on terrorism from the CIA.
Emergency Management Institute
EMI serves as the national focal point for the development and delivery of emergency management training to enhance the capabilities of federal, state, local, and tribal government officials, volunteer organizations, and the public and private sectors to minimize the impact of disasters on the American public.
Emergency Response Guidebook
Primarily a guide to aid first responders in (1) quickly identifying the specific or generic classification of the material(s) involved in the incident, and (2) protecting themselves and the general public during this initial response phase of the incident.