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Health Information

Medical Records

Deceased Patient Records

You may obtain the medical record of a deceased patient in any one of the following ways:

  1. You may present a copy of a “Letter of Authority” from the Probate Court naming you as personal representative of the estate of the deceased person.  
  2. An Heir at Law may sign the Botsford Hospital Personal Representative Statement Form along with the Authorization for Release of Records if all other Heirs at law are in agreement.

    Heirs-at-Law are: 
    * Surviving spouse and all adult children 18 years of age and older
    * All adult children of the deceased if there is no surviving spouse
    * A parent of the deceased if there is no surviving spouse or adult children
    * All sisters and brothers of the deceased, if there is no surviving spouse, children or parents

  3. Present a copy of the life insurance policy or portion of the policy that Establishes you as the beneficiary.  The beneficiary of a life insurance Policy insuring the life of a deceased patient may sign the Authorization For Release of Records  for the purpose of  providing medical records to a life insurer examining a claim for benefits.

For additional information please contact:

Health Information Services (Medical Records) Department: (248) 471-8185
Fax: (248) 471-8508
Office Hours: Monday – Friday    8 a.m. – 4 p.m

Information obtained through these resources should be discussed with your health care provider.