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Winter 2014

Botsford HealthSource Magazine


You Can't Get a Better View

A look at the gallbladder


For Jeffrey R. Gerken, D.O. general surgeon with Botsford, there’s no better look at a gallbladder than what he sees via the da Vinci Single-Site technology. With the surgical field magnified to 10 times its actual size, Dr. Gerken can perform what he believes is the safest possible cholecystectomy—surgery to remove a diseased gallbladder.

“The view is so crisp, I can easily define where the cystic duct is before I began to cut, which reduces the chances of injury to the major bile ducts,” he says. “That’s what makes it so safe, and it’s easy to repeat. Every time, you’re getting great outcomes.”

According to Dr. Gerken, almost any patient is a good candidate for this procedure. “I tell my patients, “This is safer than what I can do for you in any other way,” he says.  And with one incision (rather than the three or more required for traditional laparoscopic surgery), postoperative pain is limited and well-controlled.

Recovery is faster too. “I tell laparoscopic patients, “In about two weeks, you’ll feel like I didn’t do anything to you,” says Dr. Gerken. “Patients who have Single-Site da Vinci cholecystectomies are feeling like that in a little over a week.”

Dr. Gerken believes da Vinci Single-Site surgery delivers what today’s patients want: the same, if not better, outcomes and a speedier recovery. “People want to get back to their families—and this offers them the ability to do that in a timely way.

The versatile robot
Botsford Hospital’s da Vinci platform adapts to perform multiple-incision as well as Single-Site procedures.

Gynecologic procedures include:

Urologic procedures include:

Other procedures include:

Lowering the odds of disease


da Vinci Robotic Surgery