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Summer 2014

Wound care: From wheelchair to walking

“Pretty much everything.” That’s the response you get when you ask Brian Robinson, of Detroit, what’s good about wound care at Botsford Hospital. He’s happy to elaborate.

“It’s the way you’re treated, how respectful everyone is, and how much they care,” Robinson says. “They really work together to put you on the right road to recovery.”

He injured his foot while working. Instead of healing, his foot wound turned into a condition known as abscess cellulitis. This is a serious deep skin infection, causing pain, swelling, redness, and tenderness. You see, Robinson has diabetes with neuropathy, a common condition in many people with diabetes. It has reduced sensation in his feet. So he didn’t really notice the injury right away. It’s a good thing Robinson turned to Botsford Hospital’s Emergency & Trauma Center for help, because if he had not gotten proper treatment, this condition could have led to amputation.

Robinson’s road to recovery was a long one. After initial treatment in the Emergency Center, where he received heavy-duty intravenous antibiotics and emergency surgery in Botsford’s operating room to drain the wound, he spent the next nine months undergoing outpatient treatment from Botsford’s wound care team for his foot injury. This remarkable team brought together podiatrists, vascular surgeons, general surgeons and certified wound-care nurses. Each team member is specially trained to treat stubborn wounds that can result from diabetes, poor circulation, burns, or accidents.

The outpatient would care team employed the latest care techniques for cleaning Robinson’s abscess, performed surgery to remove bone fragments, and fit him with a specially designed cast for support.

During this long course of outpatient treatment, he suffered constant pain and had to use a wheelchair. Robinson was unable to work and, understandably, was concerned for his family’s welfare. The team’s dedication is what finally got Robinson’s wound to begin to heal. The wound care doctors went to work getting Robinson back on his feet—and back to earning a living to support his wife and kids.

“They (the wound care team) had to try a lot of options before I got better,” says Robinson, who also credits his family’s support as a main motivator. “They were with me at every appointment. My family went through it just like I did.” His gratitude extends to the staff at Botsford. “I tell everyone to go to Botsford, because they are going to do everything they can to make your healthy.”


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