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Summer 2013

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Our Community
It takes a Village -
Keeping the community healthy

It Takes a Village

Health Care Doesn't Happen Just Inside a Hospital
To bring health resources directly into surrounding neighborhoods, Botsford Hospital teams with area organizations and businesses. You might find a Botsford doctor leading a walk in a city park or a registered dietitian teaching healthy eating habits in a local grocery store.

We know people who participate in their care tend to be healthier,” says Kathleen Hannon, D.O., a family physician at Botsford, who volunteers her time to support several of Botsford’s health education initiatives. “The programs are a way to reach out and encourage large groups of people in the community to take charge of their own well-being.”

Kathleen Hannon, D.O. Walk with a Doc

Step by step:
Kathleen Hannon, D.O. (foreground, left), will discuss
your health concerns during a Walk with a Doc event.

Learning from lectures
One of the ways Dr. Hannon meets area residents is through her work with Botsford’s Speakers' Bureau. The bureau arranges local lectures and presentations by medical professionals. With topics ranging from nutrition to heart health to stress management, each speaker brings personal enthusiasm and expertise on the lecture subject.

Dr. Hannon has given talks on diabetes and women’s health. Personally, she finds the question-and-answer sessions after lectures to be most helpful to participants. “I think people remember more when they are engaged in a discussion,” she says. “We want people to be involved and empowered when it comes to their own health."

Interested in having a medical professional from Botsford speak to your organization?
Call (248) 442-1661.

Spreading health across the ages
Being engaged in personal health has no age limit. That’s why Botsford community programs aim at children and seniors alike.

Health fairs and presentations bring health information to kids, right in their classrooms and schools. In addition to providing these opportunities to learn about their own health, career days offer students a peek at the types of jobs available in one of the fastest growing career options, health care.

For those 50 and over, Generations at Botsford provides similar learning opportunities but adds social events to the mix. Monthly gatherings for members range from educational coffees to luncheons. And because staying active and socializing improves health, the program also hosts tours and trips, including outings to restaurants and theaters.

For Generations at Botsford membership details, event dates, and prices, call (248) 442-5059.

The outreach goes on
There's even more happening out in the community and at Botsford. Additional health fairs, classes and support groups address topics ranging from diabetes to breast-feeding to grief. Free screenings help residents discover potential health problems. Injury prevention fairs and lectures focus on keeping the community safe. The list goes on, and it's always changing.

The end point for all these activities stays the same. "As doctors, we want to give people the information they need to prevent disease and live healthy lives," Dr. Hannon concludes.

What else is going on at Botsford? Take a look at the community calendar for a partial list of outreach activities, or go to

Q - Where do you start when the goal is building a healthy community?
A - With the people who live and work in the area.

Working together with several areal organizations, Botsford Hospital is leading a team focused on how to help our community be healthier. This diverse group has come together as part of the health care reform act. Later this summer, a survey will be distributed to gather input on the present health challenges and the available strengths and resources. The survey will be distributed throughout the community by a variety of organizations. It will also be available on the websites of the City of Farmington, the City of Farmington Hills, and Botsford Hospital. We want to hear from you! Register to participate in the survey by sending your name and email to